Monday, November 7, 2011

This Post Brought to You by the Semi-Colon

This morning marks the end of a super busy, super fun weekend (besides the Bills losing to the Jets, but we'll just pretend that never happened). We had a poker night in which poker was actually played; I started learning how to crochet; we went to a sweet little girl's first birthday party; I went to a fun, mimosas-and-tasty-food-filled baby shower, and then spent a few hours at our awesome neighbors' house watching the end of some horrible sporting event that I can't quite remember, hmmm... And when we got home, the kids were so wiped out that they went to sleep early. Thanks to Daylight Savings Time ending, I found myself free for the night at 7pm. How strange and confusing! Of course, one cannot resist the call of the sewing machine at times like these, so I hunkered down in the basement with a handful of Halloween candy and finished a project for a friend. It feels so great to get things done and to not have to sacrifice hours of sleep to do so. This is why I love Daylight Savings Time.

But! I have neglected to mention perhaps the most exciting thing to happen this weekend: my first Etsy sale! My lovely friend Jen graced my shop with her online presence and bought a wrist cuff. I am so grateful and happy. THANKS JEN!

It's a new week now and time to begin work on new projects. I have the embroidery for a new wrist cuff done and need to sew it up with a new print; I have new fabric coming today that I must wash and prep; I have ornaments to embroider names and designs on, and I have headbands to photograph and finally list in my shop. Here's hoping I can resist the allure of my cozy new ball of yarn and endless rows of practice crochet to actually accomplish some of these tasks!

My not-so-mobile command center, full of projects for the new week

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