Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Productive Non-Productive Day

Today was a beautiful Fall day: blue skies, hardly any wind, crunchy leaves on the ground. How could anyone sew on a day like today? So I took the kids on a little wagon ride and when we got home (long after the juice boxes ran dry) we planted tulip bulbs. Those bulbs were the last item on my list of Fall gardening tasks; it feels good to have accomplished most of what I wanted to do in my flower beds this year.

But any Fall day, beautiful or not, turns into a Fall night and those are always perfect for sewing, right? The kids fell asleep early and I thought I'd get moving after snagging a few of last night's treats, but my helpful husband helpfully helped me out by turning on an episode of Doctor Who. Who am I to say no to the Doctor? So we said goodbye to #10 (so very sad about this) and once that was over it was definitely too late to sew. Definitely. But it was still too early for bed and I resolved to knocking out a backlog of "work" on the old computer here and why not make a post, too?


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  1. The winter is on it's way and I'm sure you'll find a lot of time to sew.