Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year!

It barely feels and looks like winter outside here in "snowy" Buffalo, NY, so why not start looking forward to a new year of green buds and flowers opening overnight. It will be time before we know it! I am sure, however, that we will get our fair share of wintry weather these next few months, packed in so tight we'll wonder why we ever wished for snow.

The holidays have been a haze; I once again convinced myself to make more gifts and food than I should have (no regrets!) and on top of that we all had a nasty cold. We still had lots of fun with family and friends, though, and we're all feeling much healthier. Now it's time to step forward into 2012 with a clear mind (and nasal passages). I'm excited to get back to doing some embroidery after spending much of the past few weeks crocheting, of all things. I've even made my very own pattern for a cute little coin purse I hope to have in my etsy shop soon. So I feel very official regarding that.

Tomorrow we get back to work and on Wednesday Oliver goes back to school. I am looking forward to this opportunity to set a fresh, new routine after a few weeks of happy chaos. Here's to a happy, healthy, productive new year for us all!

ps- And to the Buffalo Sabres, should you be reading this blog, or maybe Sabretooth at least, if you could pass this along: please start being awesome again.

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